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What to do during Ramadan

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It's 1am and I should eat all kind of stuff while I can, you know like chocolate, candy, ice cream, cakes, fruit etc but the problem is that during ramadan you get full so fast even though you are eating a little bit. Any way the days are going to fast during ramadan and it feels like I don't get anything done. Geez I think I have to make a plan from now on. I'm so bored of doing nothing. Somedays (the most of the days actually)  the weather don't allow you to go out because of the weather, but today was beautiful, mashallah (so I don't jinx it now :P ) 
Something that really makes my day really short is
1.Playing games with my lill sis.
2. Reading Quran
3. Whatch an awesome Vlog on youtube
4. Reading books
5. Go out if the weather allows (even if it don't allow I would go out)
I'll go back to nr 3. Have you ever watched TrueStoryASA, NO? Then you have to do it. It's really fun and they always put a smile on your face, or in this state they put a smile on my face :). They even have a vlog wich is really entertaining and it's called ASA Vlogs. I do enjoy their vlog almost every single day. 
Love D.K
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