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Roadtrip 2013 - Better late than never

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Finally I can upload all my photos (oki it's not all) in a comprehensive collection of our roadtrip through Europe. I've uploaded some pics here and there before but now everything will be on one place and I felt like it's "Better late than never" or as we say in Swedish "Bättre sent än aldrig". I'll try to put the pictures in the order that we went.
Here is the route from Rostock (didn't take from Sweden) to Erbil. 6285 km. If we add the way from our city to Travemündeallén,Trelleborg, which are 665 km, then it's totally 6950 km!!! 
We went first of all by ferry from Trelleborg, Sweden to Rostock, Germany. The first pic is taken in Sweden.
After that, we continued our journey by traveling to Heidelberg, a small nice and cozy town.
After Germany comes Switzerland. The nature and landscape of Switzerland is so beautiful. And the place is very clean ant the people that you meet are so polite just as in Heidelberg. First picture is from Luzern, Switzerland.
And these other pictures are from Beckenried, Swiss alps, Cantone Ticino. The second picture includes my baby sister. 
After this lovely nature comes Italy, the place where you can really have a shopping. First stop in Italy was of course Milano. Some places to mention that we went to were Sforzesco Castle, Duomo di Milano and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. 
After Milano we went to Venice. You can do so many fun things there. There is no roads (car roads) in Venice past a point at the entrance to the city, so you have to park as fast as you go over the bridge in Piazzale Roma/Tronchetto. Did you know that it's Europe's largest car park?! :) You can't go out of the city with a eye mask and a rose of course!
Later on we went to the seaport Ancona. The view was just so amazing and so was the pizza too, indeed! The other pictures are from the ferry from Ancona, Italy to Patras, Greece which took almost a whole day. The ship was very clean and the staff were very helpful.
Athena after Patras or Patraso as they call it. Look at the cute cat in the end, Mjua <3
These pictures are not from Athena but from Greece. The last picture of the beach is from Thessaloniki in Greece. Lovely view with beach, mountain, sea and watermelon. Don't forget I said view cuz I don't swim. In the first pick you can see a beautiful sunrise in Greece.  And the person in that pic is me, yes! 
Soon we gonna reach the end cuz after Greece comes Turkey. Because of the Civil War and all the matters we could read everywhere that "you shouldn't stay in Istanbul" so we didn't ON our way to Kurdistan. Those pictures are from Töz gulu (Salt lake) in Turkey and it's located in the south-southeast of Ankara. My black sweater looks very hot but that sweater was chill actually. 
Last but not least my lovely Kurdistan. We always stay some days in a beautiful city called Duhok before we go to our hometown Hewler. So first Duhok
And after that Hewler <3!!! The first picture is our villa/house in Hewler. And the other pictures are from some parks in Hewler. Some other time I'll show you the "old Hewler houses". Those pictures are from the roadtrip 2012. I'm late with all those pictures :(
And this pictures are from outside Hewler, outside Diana. I love all of Kurdistans mountains.As you can see, I am very nature fixed
Last but not least some picture of our way home to Sweden. I'll show just a few pictures.
The first picture is from Czech Republic. I thought the picture was very fun lol. But you can probably find these kind of signs here in Sweden. The other pics are from The Öresund Bridge. I felt sorry for the boat :( I thought we would drive on that bridge in many hours but it only took some minutes. 
Yes, that was roadtrip 2013. I have actually many more pictures, but it's faces all over them so I decline from uploading them. I just love to travel travel and travel. It's just a hobby. And roadtrip is actually best cuz you have your own car and you choose the routes as you want. You decide every single little thing and it's just amazing to have that oppurtunity sometimes. 
Love D.K
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