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SCHWARZKOPF Osis Magic Anti Frizz Shine Serum

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Some days ago I bought this awesome Serum from Schwarzkopf called "Osis Magic Anti Frizz Shine Serum". I actually bought mine from 'maria nila STOCKHOLM'. But you can find it on BUBBLEROOM as well.

Schwarzkopfs description about this item:

Osis Magic Anti Frizz Shine Serum is the perfect finishing touch to all hair styles for a glossy, intense shine.

Delivering weightless hold and separation, Magic Anti Frizz Shine Serum controls frizz and adds an instant, light reflective shine to all hair types. Formulated with Silicone Agents and moisturising Glycerine, this luxurious serum gloss smoothes hair with a silky touch finish.

Perfect for giving your style extra elegance and sophistication, Magic Anti Frizz Shine Serum washes out easily and is ideal for daily use on dry or damp hair.

My experience about it: 

I love this little packaging and the sweet fragrance. This serum tames away all the frizzy hair and makes the hair look more shiny and beautiful. The effect lasts for two days, which is really good!. I just love it!

Love D.K
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