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Facial treatment SUPER!

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Back home after a facial treatment and many meetings at work. About the facial tratment. It was wonderful. I could've slept during the treatment. Or wait no I coudnt because sometimes it hurted while the dermatologist "worked" with my face. My face is all smooth and it feels great! I'll definietly do this again. I brought some skin care products with me home. All products from the brand Exuviance. 
The products contain AHA acids (polyhydroxy acids) and these acids are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive. Exuviance products make briefly so that the dead skin cells accumulated in the uppermost layer of the skin relaxed. The dead skin cells form otherwise a dry and dull cover, and making it difficult for new skin cells to arrive. My skin is "stressed" so I hope these products will work on my face. 
After some weeks using I'll tell if the produts really works... 
Love D.K


  • Daniella säger:
    2015-11-27 | 22:30:26

    Åh det låter nice med att rengöra huden :D

    Svar: Verkligen! :)

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