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Pink ribbon

Category: Mixie Stuff

The new pink ribbon and the old one after that!
This years pik ribbon was designed by Alicia Vikander. 
Also my favorite perfume for the moment. Never be afraid of buying perfumes from Gucci cuz you'll never be disappointed. 
 Love D.K


Category: Baking

Jag brukar vanligtvis inte tycka att det jag bakar/lagar själv är gott men den här morotskakan som jag bakade själv smakade bra! Det är okej att småskryta om sig själv ibland ;) 
Love D.K


Category: Travel...

I'll go back in time a little bit. Below is picture from our roadtrip to Denmark in may. I love raodtrips instead of flight bcuz then you see and experience much more on the way. From our place to Copenhagen it is 677 km. Copenhagen which was our destination was soo beautiful and it went over my expectations actually. Here you have some of the pictures. Enjoy!
Love D.K