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I Support Kurdistan!

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This is unbeliveable. Whats happening? Why war? Why is life so unfair? Wtf is IS? How dear they come near the Kurds? I'm shaken by all this! I thought that this was the past something that I never thought would happen again. May Allah make Kurdistan stay in peace! Some news about Shangal.
"The militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) have reportedly kidnapped 500 Yazidi women after massacring a large number of people in Shangal, a city in northern province of Nainawa.
According to the report a large number of people have left their homes and fled to nearby mountains.

A deputy in Kurdistan Region parliament Bisetoon Fayeq told Xendan website that the jihadist militants have kidnapped and raped 500 Yazidi women, adding that the militants have also kidnapped a number of pregnant women, freed some of them and have killed some others." (KurdPress 06/08/14)

Love D.K
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