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Candy for the hair?

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Some candy for the hair that I bought the last few weeks (and Dream smooth primer from Maybeline). 
I wont use the one in the middle because it's for my aunt. When I've used them I'll tell you how they work. 
1. Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner (200 ml) 
Schwarzkopfs description about this item:"For normal to dry, wavy or curly hair that’s coarse or brittle, lacking elasticity and bounce. It smooth the surface of the hair and bring beautiful suppleness, manageability, bounce and shine to each strand.
2.  Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Color Freeze (200 ml) 
Schwarzkopfs description about this item: "It’s our breakthrough lamination technology that protects colour vibrancy and seals in shine, giving up to 90% colour retention and 100% more shine until the next salon visit.
3. Reference of Sweden, Dry Shampoo 204 (200 ml)
Ref of Swden description about this item: "Introducing Reference of Sweden's on-the-go solution to refresh your hair. REF. Brown Dry Shampoo has been developed especially for those with brown or very dark hair. This lightweight mist re-energises your hair and completely refreshes it making you feel and look your very best. REF. Dry Shampoo for brown hair leaves the hair smelling wonderful and looking clean."
4.Maybeline, Dream smooth primer
Maybeline description about this item: "Smooths and perfects the skin to create a flawless canvas for effortless make-up application. Smooth gel formula instantly transforms skin: Blurs away imperfections, Instantly smooths skin, Refines skin texture, Minimises the appearance of pores & Creates a perfect canvas for makeup application All traces of shine vanish and imperfections are blurred away." I've actually used this a several times and I really love the smooth feeling of this primer. 
Love D.
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