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Am I back...

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Wow, now I'm back...I guess.
I wish time could stay for a moment, there is soo much to do but so little time. I want to come back for bloging but now I'm in the end of Ramadan, will go back to Kurdistan soon and too much at work so it might not be the best time but let's give it a try. I mean it can't go more wrong than wrong?!
As I mentioned now it's Ramadan. You abstain  from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset.Here in Sweden fasting is actually too difficult. You fast from 02:20am to 22:17 pm. You don't eat or dring for almost 20 hours! If you have a strong iman you can go through the day (I really do have that :) ). 
The best thing after breaking fast is to just lay back and eat some fruit and some piece of cake.
Love D.K


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