The One From The Clouds

Bye 2013, Hello 2014

Category: Mixie Stuff

Ah Gosh today is the last day of 2013. I don't know what to say I'm sad, glad, nervous ahh the emotions are all mixed up. 
This year I took Bachelor in Business Administration in Uppsala University, then I started masters (1 year) directly in the fall of 2013. During the summer, I went with my family by car to Kurdistan through Europe as we did the previous year. But this year was special because we went for the first time by car through Switzerland, Italy and Greece. Shopping and meeting my beloved relatives was high on the list. But also to enjoy the beautiful nature and all the tasty food.
My plans are for 2014 insha'Allah to get a driving license and take my master's degree. The list is not like this short, but I also want to find a good job and just start somewhere. Earn my own money and start investing in bigger things. I'll work more on designing clothing. I have some more wishes and things that I want to do 2014 but I'll keep them as a secret ;)
.... The time is just going too fast...please slow down a little bit. And please 2014 be good to me!
Love D.K