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4 days left!

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These days goes fast as lightning. I need to take it easy. This is last week at work. I need to work little more but can't cuz I'll travell to Kurdistan on Saturday. OMG it's on Saturday. I mean this Saturday. Feels soo unreal. Right now it's only 4 days, 13 hours and 55 minutes left untill I go :D 
I've packed a little bit (my bag is already full ), but still. When I'm in Kurdistan I'll fast for three days after that it's Eid on 6:th July. That will be soo much fun. Meeting a lot of people and just have fun with family and friends.
After Eid I've promised my auntie F that I'll stay at her house for one week (she lives in another city). I love to be with her cuz you can just be with her and chill and have a lot of fun. And there is more plans on agenda but lets just sleep now.
 Love D.K