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Why would Kris want to leave SM and EXO?

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I know that the news about Kris has been out for a while now. But now I want to write about it because it's more clear now and there is more information about it.  

When I first heard of this, I was more than choked! The rumors were released early Thursday morning on May 15th.The rumor was that Kris asked to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment. 

First of all short about Kris?

Kris is the Chinese-born-Canadian and his full name is Wy Yi Fan. He’s the rapper and the leader for Exo-M  

Why did Kris request to nullify his contract and lawsuit against SM Entertainment?

Lately focus has been on the immense pressure K-Pop idols are under. Plastic surgeries, extreme diets, members leaving their groups, scandals and rumors. Kris claimed that his agency had never respected his opinions or health conditions in deciding schedules for the group‘s activities, treating him like “a machine part” or “an object of control.” Kris might have been having difficulties overcoming cultural differences and adapting to his new life in Korea, according to some sources. Some industry insiders said, "He seems to have gone through a crisis after realizing that the reality of idol life is different from what he had dreamt of.

And it is not just the entertainment agencies, fans have also been a little too hard on their favorite singers. They have high expectations and perfection is demanded. A lot of responders called for the agency to sue the singer for breaking his contract. Others have referred to the EXO-M leader as "selfish" and "irresponsible." Very few, however, have come to his defense. Perhaps what is worse, Kris has gotten a rather unappealing nickname, "Kbalnom."  It is in reference to his name plus the word 'shibalnom,' which means 'bastard.' C'mon aren't netizens going a little too far?

This is certainly not the first time an SM talent has filed a suit against the K-pop agency. In the past, former TVXQ members Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu got their contracts nullified by the courts in 2012. Hankyung, one of the Chinese members of Super Junior, also filed a lawsuit in 2009 claiming his contract was unjust. And this is another factor/ spectaculation why Kris  might have taken into consideration before taking legal action. 

Insiders and fans have noted that in the midst of speculation, fellow EXO members have started to unfollow Kris on social media.

On the chart program M! Countdown Suho accepted the award for "Overdose" alone, in a consistent fashion while also adding the statement regarding EXO, "We are one". Meanwhile, fans remain confused and hope that the matter is resolved soon.

A statement from Suho is: "I think Kris' actions are irresponsible and show that he's not thinking about EXO at all. Our members and agency have no issues. What Kris needs to do right now is take back the lawsuit and apologize to the members and company."

What do you think about everything that's happening?




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