The One From The Clouds


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I'm tiered of everything. What is this? WAR WAR WAR?! Killing innocent people in a horrific way. These people are not normal. Those shits called IS (ISIS/ daesh or whatever) they are not human, how can they behead people, rape young girls, selling women as sex slaves and much more horrific things. I thought this only existed in the most cruel movies  I can NOT believe this and I don't want to. I feel so helpless doing nothing more than donating money. The world around us seems to ignore this genocide of Kurds. I can not sleep properly since this started, how can I even do that when I know how people live under fear. I hope this comes to an end soon and that the world will open their eyes to this inhuman act. 
On Wednesday I will be participating in a demonstration for Kobane. God help those people in need!
Love D.K 
(pictures from Google)
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