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How to get followers on Google +

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Hello K-family!
I want to start by a BIG sorry. I've not been able to post anything at G+ lately. 
We've been travelling, much things in private life etc. But after Kurdistan  I hope I'll be back forever, like 4-EVER :) 
I'll start with telling how I came into the Korean world (I'll actually make it very short. In another post I'll tell more).
Everything started with a K-drama that I watched at Kurdish television. After that k-drama I started to listen to K-pop, first group I listened to was actually Bigbang. After that it wasn't soo much about Korea at all.
I started to make youtube videos and were like I have to find a place where people can find my videos. And that place was Google+. First I didn't like it at all. It was boring and I din't even get one like, I mean C'mon 1 LIKE. After that I told my sister to like my posts cuz I felt embarrassed not getting any likes. When some time past by I actually got more likes, like 5 likes, and I was happy about it. I started to get friends and followers.
Now I have around 27 000 followers on G+ and 6 communities (my LMH community has over 80 000 members). I'm very thankful.
So back to the most important in this post 'How to get followers on Google+'
1. It's very important that you like what you post about cuz that will make people want to come back to your account.
2. Your profile most look good and be optimized. Be a person that others want to follow.
3. Look for people that like things like you and find similar friends through communities. There you put your name infront of thousands of people (I actually didn't do it but I know many of my friends that have done it and got result). But don't join communities that's not in your intrest cuz that can be very boring and irritating. I've seen some people joining my communities and put up things that don't have not a single connection with Korean stuff, so I have to delete all that stuff.
4. You have to be active on Google + and post every single day.
6. You can also ask for +1s and  reshares just like me (I asked my sister :) ) but you can ask other people in communities etc. You have to ask for what you  want, so don't be afraid. Fighting!
7. Lastly you haveto pick the best time to post. 
Love D.K
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